Online Casino Vs. Physical Casino

Love playing games? Have a fascination for Casinos? Do you enjoy the rush that comes with every hand that is dealt to you? then you must have visited a number of casinos and might have even visited some of the online casinos for some fun when you couldn’t go to a physical casino.

How Are They Different?

Both online and physical casinos have the same set of rules for any game played. However, there are some very obvious differences between the two that can impact your entire casino experience which can be found at Some of them are:


When you are in a physical casino, there are queues to almost all the games. You will have to wait for your turn, be it at the slot machine pr at the poker table. You will have to wait for the table to get empty or the previous round to finish. When you are playing online, you won’t have to wait as there will always be a spot, no matter what game you want to play. If at all you find a casino table full, you can always check another such site and you are sure to find a spot.


Online casinos can house more variety of games as there no dearth of space. In a physical casino, the company has to fit in the required machines and tables along with setting aside space for people to sit, move around etc. In an online casino, there are no such limitations and a casino company online can grow without having to look at a new property to shift to.


The games move at a faster rate online. This enables the bonuses to be generated quicker. Hence there are more people winning big money when they play online. This in turn attracts more players and you will always have an opponent, no matter what game you play. Also, there are more chances for bigger payouts, thus resulting on some very happy players.

Better Odds

Due to the speed at which the games progress online, not only will you have more players or options, you will have better odds in your favor too. Since the investment and maintanence cost required by the casino owner is less when it is online, a major part of the money that comes in is given out as payouts and bonuses. When more money is given out, the of odds of you winning will be more.


You can play these games from anywhere in the world, provided you have a secured and reliable internet connection. A physical casino will require you to get ready, drive through thick traffic and wait in queue for your turn. When online, you can start playing in less than five minutes. Easily accessible and there are no restrictions as to who can play, etc.


When you are in a physical casino, you get treated like a king. You get your drinks and food at the table. You will have waitresses walking around with trays and ready to take an order from you and deliver it in your hands. You won’t have to move away from your table. However, in an online casino, you get no such services. You will have to fend for yourself.


In a physical casino, you will have to stand in queues to not only get your turn at the game but to get you chips and to cash in your earnings too. You will have people appointed for this purpose; they will stand in queues and get the money exchanged for you.


When you are playing online, no one needs to know you are playing a certain game. no one will know how much you won or lost in gambling, unless you tell them. You won’t have to worry about anyone spotting you in a casino. You can even take your personal calls while playing online, as you will be home or at some comfortable space. Whereas in a physical casino one has to be very careful about what they express and say as anyone can hear it.

Other Activities

In a physical casino, more happens in addition the games. There could be music, a live performance, etc. this sets you in a good mood to gamble, thus encouraging to play more. When you are waiting for your turn, you have enough to keep you occupied. You will also have bouncers to keep you safe from others and to break up a fight if any.