Online Services

When you visit our physical casino, we can guarantee that you will gain an experience of a life time. Right from the variety of the games offered to the services offered, we have a lot for you to choose from. Our casino will ensure you won’t have to wait too long as the games will be dealt in a high speed, professional manner.

Some of the services we offer our players are:

  • Valet – When the traffic is bad and you had to drive for hours to get to our casino, we will ensure your car is parked in a safe spot. Now you won’t have to waste time hunting for a perfect parking spot or walking from the car to the casino.
  • Cashier On The Move – We have specially trained cashiers who will be moving around to help you cash in your chips. You can skip the long lines by handing over your chips to one of our people who will wait in the line and cash in your chips. The money will be brought back to you. This way you can spend more time playing and lesser time waiting for your money.
  • Food And Beverages – When your game gets intense, you will need a few sips of your favorite drink. Keeping this in mind, we offer a wide selection of beverages and food to choose from. All this will be sent to you at your table
  • Chauffer – When you win or lose a game, you are not always in the mood or steady mind to drive back home. Hence we offer chauffeurs who can drive you back home while you sit back, relax and relive the winning moments of your games.

Come to our casino and experience gambling at an all new level. We ensure you are comfortable to enjoy a good game and make some quick money.